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Exhibitor profile

Tornado is a manufacturer of motor gearboxes with a special focus on worm and helical gear technology for industrial use. Our main markets include the stairlift and platform lift industry, industrial door market, service and goods lift as well as the entertainment industry (stage and studio equipment).
Since 1970s Tornado manufactures high quality, low noise and safe gear solutions for the stage industry ranging from 0,12 kW to 7,5 kW and with torque ranging from 30 Nm to 1.500 Nm. Tornado produces mostly worm geared motors as well as helical geared motors for the upper and lower machinery equipment. We work exclusively with equipment manufacturers dedicated to this industry.

Typical applications, powered by Tornado’s Geared Motors:
  • Rigging and hoisting equipment (Point Hoists, Drum Hoists, Pile up Hoists, Chain Hoists …)
  • Curtain and drapes machinery systems
  • Winches
  • Turntables

We deliver solutions that provide the highest possible safety and reliability over time. Our gear units fulfil the most stringent norms of the entertainment industry (BGV-D8/D8+ or C1) and are designed for double the required load as well as variable safety factors.


Tornado offers standard worm gear geared motors– TD Series – and helical geared motors – TS Series – technology.
Benefits for both product ranges:
  • Highly efficient and silent operation
  • Compact form with large choice of gear ratios, torques, motors and duty cycles
  • Painting finishes and wax possible

Benefits of “TD Series”, our worm gear technology:
  • Possible options: integrated fall arresting device, mechanical and digital limit switches as well as hand crank, insert output shaft, brakes
  • Available in three sizes - TD1.5, TD2.5, TD4.5 and TD10.

Benefits of “TS Series”, our helical gear technology:
  • Square form
  • reduced total length and optimized weight through integrated design
  • Available in five sizes – TS01 to TS05.


Part of Tornado’s core competencies is the design and development of customized geared motors that meets specifically clients’ technical and commercial expectations. Bespoke design projects begin with our development team gaining a clear understanding of the specific application, progressing to state-of-the-art CAD modelling and rapid prototyping. Through a closed-loop feedback between Tornado departments, we adjust and optimize our solution before it is put into production.

In the stage machinery, Tornado supported several innovative concepts with, for instance, the development of a self-locking gearbox with integrated fall-arresting device (TS10.1AS), which is used in a patented drive unit. More recently, we helped designing and producing a special double-worm gearbox to be used into new scenery hoist systems.

Tornado motor gearboxes can be customized to the exact scope of supply required by our clients.
Through our building blocks concepts, we provide different solutions ranging from just gearboxes to the supply of complete “ready-to-use” motor gearboxes or with norm motors. It includes gears with hollow and output shaft with different gear ratios for mechanical/digital limit switches. The assembly of single of double brakes and hand crank mechanisms are possible on either the gearbox and/or motor sides. We also offer the possibility of having the necessary cablings added to it. We leave the choice to our customer what is best for them.
We work closely with suppliers with established brands and long experience of the stage industry to ensure common understanding of industry requirement and performance expectations.
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