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Zwinglistr. 27
10555 Berlin

Stage|Set|Scenery 2019
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Exhibitor profile

The concentration in the reflection on theatre is currently set on the final performance. The creation process is illuminated at best by science or by professional associations. However, always strictly separated according to disciplines. It never comes to comprehensive and cross-examination of the whole phenomenon. There are still incomprehensible barriers between theory and practice.
This is where the project of a TheatreMuseum has to start. No isolated consideration of the individual components, but the effort to connect the dots of this extensive complexity, culminating in a performance at the end. The power of a live event isn‘t preservable adequately in a museum. But the long and complex process and the countless influences that lead to it are! And the effect that emanates from theatre, far beyond the purely artistic aspect,.
Thematic aspects that demonstrate the connection and the interplay of apparently incompatible trades must explain individual strongly divergent parameters and conditions to the visitor. Finaly, this results in an idea of this transdisciplinary universe which is able to produce a subjective meta-level above the curated one. Ideally this comes close to the individual experience of a performance, without 1: 1 documentation.
The Initiative sees itself as a mentor for a museum of the 21st century, which priority is aimed at lay people and to develop new forms of presentation. This could induce more acceptance and respect for the countless theatres in this country. Temporary exhibitions with selective focus should lead to a permanent presence in order to ensure continuous and public-oriented work. To establish a vibrant forum, a focal point for those interested, connected to panel discussions and research projects in cooperation with various partners is the goal

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